About Us

Our Officers

Our officers are volunteers who are elected annually to lead and administrate the ministry of Capital Area Christian Homeschoolers.

Our Members

Our Members are homeschooling families in Frankfort, Kentucky and surrounding areas. Under normal circumstances, each family is required to serve on a team so that we may work effectively together to accomplish our objectives of providing fellowship, support and encouragement.

The 2020 / 2021 schoolyear will be different due to the current pandemic. CACH leadership will call on individual families to host outdoor events in pleasant weather and online activities during inclement weather. Like everything else in 2020, we’ll be learning as we go, but we can still have fun and encourage one another!

Meet the Team

Molly Forrest

CACH President


Paula Bruckman

CACH Vice President


Nicole Ingle

CACH Secretary


Cheri Farley

CACH Treasurer


Tracy Migliacci

CACH Membership Coordinator